Jimmy Chand

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My real name is Vongsack Chandakham but my American name is "Jimmy". This name came from my very first job in the states because the people could not pronounce my real name. I was born in Laos, but in 1979 in order to escape communism, I had to move to Thailand.
While there, I stayed in a Laos refugee camp for almost two years. I was able to move to the United States in January of 1981. My first job was at a hotel as a dishwasher. I attended night school to learn English. In 1983, I attended Roffler barber school in Forest Park, GA and graduated in 1985. The first shop I worked at was Parkair Hair Cutter in Lower Roswell, Marietta. I worked there for 9 years. Afterwards, I opened my own shop in 1994, "Jimmy's Barber & Styling Shop" in Lower Roswell, Marietta. I have approximately 25 years of experience cutting hair.
On a side note, in 2006, my three sisters, cousins, and I put our hearts and minds together to raise money in order to build a school in my home town, Bangsaleung Luang Prabang, Laos. We now have a school for them, but we continue to take donations in order to provide for their school supplies.